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About Pintoo

Previously the world-renowned puzzle and game manufacturer Universal Master (or more commonly called Unima), the young and energetic Pintoo Corp was established in 2008. With its state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities that never cease to amaze, and an R&D powerhouse that spills creativity into everything it touches, in merely two years time Pintoo has become the world's leading puzzle and game brand, distinguished by its sheer beauty, creativity and originality.

Redefining the Jigsaw Puzzle Experience

Our mission of bringing to the world new definitions of jigsaw puzzle experience that borders on limitless "puzzlebilities", is firmly rooted in our belief that traditional jigsaw puzzle is one of few simplest yet most original and effective games which combines educational fun and mind-twisting challenges shareable among friends and families in all seasons.

Elevating Puzzle Design Beyond Expectations

Pintoo, with its signature imagination and creativity, strives to enrich these core elements while at the same time injecting new life and ideas made possible by its untiring R&D and technology advances. What comes out of Pintoo's product design house is puzzle that is more than just a puzzle -something that is closer to life with a scent of art and an extra dose of excitement that bring more joy to you than any other jigsaw puzzle games you have ever played.

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