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Missing Piece Replacement

Please fill out the form below to finish Missing Piece Replacement process.

*NOTE: The replacement is shipped via airmail and it usually takes 21 to 30 days to arrive. The pandemic may delay the delivery date.

*NOTE: The missing piece replacement service period for all products supplied by Pintoo Corporation is ONE YEAR from the original invoice date.

By subscribing to the Pintoo, extend the missing piece replacement service period from ONE YEAR to TWO YEARS from the original invoice date.

*Reminder: Kindly note that the actual replacement pieces you receive may exhibit slight color variations and minor misalignments when compared to your puzzle.

​To ensure smooth delivery, please provide your shipping address in a clear and accurate format, including all necessary details such as street name, house number, city, state, postal code, and country.

If missing piece count is more than 1 piece, we may ask for more photos.

Upload Photo A
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Thanks for submitting!

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