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With its creative hexagon shape, our Wall Tile Puzzle Set designed for any living space, office, restaurant, or cafe.


Coffee Time

56 PCS*6 | 14.6*12.8 cm | 5.75*5.04 in each

"Coffee Time" series, specially designed for office spaces or coffee shop owners catering to coffee drinkers. With "Coffee Time," enjoy the delightful mood of having a cup of coffee anytime.

Succulent in Pocket

56 PCS*6 | 14.6*12.8 cm | 5.75*5.04 in each

"Succulent in Pocket" series - a perfect decor for rooms, offices, cafes, and more, these mini plants bring nature to urban environments with limited green spaces. Create your personal oasis with ease and appeal to your love for nature.


Retro Modern Garden

56 PCS*7 |

14.6*12.8 cm | 5.75*5.04 in each

In addition to succulent plants, we offer another option for consumers who love flowering plants. The "Retro Modern Garden" creates a retro-styled greenhouse with relatively understated colors, adding a warm and gentle atmosphere to the indoors.

Cozy Corner

56 PCS*7 |

14.6*12.8 cm | 5.75*5.04 in each

"Cozy Corner" - the perfect solution for your home expectations! These puzzles feature isometric illustrations, creating a stunning three-dimensional effect.

Personalize them with stickers for added interactivity. With a flat design, they're perfect for studios, public spaces, and corridors.

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